Starting up or managing a residential children’s home in the UK comes with a large amount of responsibility, regulation and paperwork. From ensuring that your property is suitable and meets requirements, to the seemingly endless amount of red tape in place that serves to protect you and the children you care for.

The support and help of a professional consultant like CH Consultancy can be an invaluable resource to help you create and manage a successful residential children’s home business.

WIll COoper: Founder of CH Consultancy

Founded by Will Cooper, CH Consultancy comes with over 9 years of experience in the residential children’s home industry. Along with several key partnerships such as his role as joint managing director at residential home recruitment specialists, Ben Williams Recruitment, and his involvement in the HATCH group.

Will started CH Consultancy with the goal of helping to grow residential children’s home businesses and support the professional development of individuals to achieve superior care and service outcomes.

Now, he is actively delivering expert consultancy to new residential children’s home providers through the start-up and pre-registration process of several new children’s homes across the UK. In addition to supporting multiple existing children’s homes to improve success and enhance the level of care.

Will promotes the work of CH Consultancy through his own expertise, saying:

‘My experience and insight of speaking with staff in this sector and sharing opinions of many individuals, across various positions and various companies I have built an understanding of what staff require in what is a very candidate-driven market.

Meanwhile, I understand the difficulties and the nuances behind opening a home with OFSTED and making smart timely decisions to create a viable and scalable set of homes.’

CH COnsultancy Partners & Recruitment

A key part of Will’s development and an incredible asset is his role as Managing Director at Ben Williams Recruitment.

A specialist recruitment agency that works to find the best professionals to fill in-home and management positions for businesses in the social care, childcare, and education sectors. Will has been involved as a managing director since the foundation of the business and has played a major role in its success and growth to the present day.

In addition to Will’s role at Ben Williams Recruitment, he also has involvement with the Hatch Group Ltd. A set of successful children’s homes based out of the Midlands, that specialise in the provision of therapeutic solo-placement children’s homes.

These partnerships and connections allow Will and CH Consultancy to be leading consultants within the children’s residential home industry. Ensuring that the guidance and support they provide align with the latest regulations and requirements to create successful homes that provide the best care.

Introduction to CH Consultancy Services

Will Cooper describes CH Consultancy as ‘using my exposure to the industry to support homes that craft a balance between best practices for staff and business viability’.

Offering full support to new start-ups and existing residential children’s home providers. To help explain all of the different aspects of CH Consultancy’s core services we have divided them into Pre-Registration Paperwork, Property Alterations Advice, Support with Referrals, and Recruitment and Staffing.

Pre-Registration Paperwork

Before a residential children’s home provider’s application can be considered, there is a large amount of pre-registration paperwork that is required to be completed, submitted and approved by OFSTED. This process can be lengthy, and any discrepancies such as missing or incorrectly completed paperwork will require the resubmission and further delays to the start-up of your business.

CH Consultancy has a vast amount of experience in successfully supporting new start-up businesses in the collating and populating of all required pre-registration documents. Including everything from supplying professional templates to the existing connections and relationships with regional councils and OFSTED.

Will’s support can help simplify the pre-registration process and minimise the risk of incomplete or non-compliant paperwork that can cause delays to your business start-up.

Property Alterations Advice

An integral part of the application to become a registered residential children’s home provider is ensuring that your property adheres to the extensive list of requirements set by OFSTED, whilst also adhering to local building regulations. In conjunction with these regulations, there is also an importance on striking a balance between your property as both a working dwelling and a home.

CH Consultancy works closely with you, and your local contractors, to offer full support and guidance on making renovations to your property that meet the required assessment criteria of a residential children’s home property inspection.

This support also extends to assistance in the completion of property paperwork, assessment support and also helping to ensure that your finished property is a highly functional and homely space.

Support with Referrals

As ongoing assessments and inspections are a standard process of managing a residential children’s home business, creating and building positive relationships with local authorities and industry professionals is an invaluable asset. CH Consultancy’s existing network of industry professionals, local authorities and referral teams gives you a wealth of options when getting the right young people to house and care for.

Recruitment & Staffing

As mentioned, CH Consultancy is partnered with Ben Williams Recruitment who supply full recruitment and staff retention support in the residential children’s home industry.

Including access to their network of high-calibre staff in the industry and full guidance on how to attract only the best applicants, they help to optimise your recruitment process with outstanding results.

Following staff acquisition, CH Consultancy will work with you to create a positive work environment to maximise retention through creating staff policies. Examples include creating favourable staff rotas, competitive staff pay structures and, most importantly for start-ups, how to build a hiring timeline pre-registration to save money and ease cash flow.

How does CH Consultancy Work?

To showcase the work that CH Consultancy provides we spoke to Will about his latest project supporting the opening of a new children’s home business in Luton, 30 miles north of London.

Involved from the get-go, Will was approached by a brand new provider seeking his professional guidance with the view of opening a 3-bed Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD) home. Now close to approval, Will explained all of the behind-the-scenes work by CH Consultancy that will hopefully result in the opening of a much-needed EBD home soon:

‘EBD children’s homes provide invaluable support systems and a safe space for vulnerable children and young adults who have endured challenging early life events. Designed to be a haven of therapeutic support, where every aspect is tailored to foster independence and societal integration.

For this new provider in Luton, we have assisted in helping to transform the property into an environment that not only addresses but anticipates the emotional, physical, and educational requirements of its residents.

We have also worked closely with the key stakeholders including local authorities and OFSTED with the final inspection imminent. Confident in a positive outcome, we have successfully orchestrated a team, with a brilliant Registered Individual (RI) and experienced Registered Manager (RM) in place.

From a business perspective, we have slowly developed a scaleable blueprint for this new provider to grow from, continuously assisting in the recruitment of support staff.

Meanwhile, I have stayed in close contact with the Director to coach him into a position in the company that he feels confident and comfortable in.

Overall, at CH Consultancy we are extremely proud of our work and the work of the care provider to create what will hopefully be an essential and successful residential children’s home in Luton.’

Shaping the Future of Children’s Residential Care

CH Consultancy, spearheaded by Will Cooper, provides a comprehensive and professional consultancy service dedicated to the establishment and enhancement of children’s homes in the UK. Supporting you through the entire professional process of pre-registration, regulatory compliance, operational setup, and strategic development, to ensure that you can supply excellence in care provision.

If you are searching for assistance or guidance in the start-up or management of a residential children’s home business in the UK, you can contact Will Cooper directly by emailing or visiting the CH Consultancy website.