At Digidol, we always love to talk about our clients and the amazing things they are getting up to. As a digital marketing agency, we are in a unique position to be a part of, and help a whole range of different businesses grow and achieve their full potential.

We also get the chance to see all the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes, which can go completely unnoticed. So, it was decided that it was time to provide a quick update on the progress of our clients and celebrate the success and growth they have had along the way.

Nomadic Washrooms Startup award winners

A Digidol client since early 2021, the incredible growth of Nomadic Washrooms and the plans for the future are nothing short of mind-blowing. Most easily recognised by their recent success in winning the Best Tourism & Leisure Business at the National StartUp Awards for Wales, the work that Kate and Stu put in behind closed doors deserves nothing more than this prestigious recognition.

Also receiving personal praise from the Welsh Government Minister for Economy, Vaughan Gethin, along with several other nominations for awards in both Wales and the UK, Nomadic Washrooms’ growth shows no sign of slowing.

Digitally, the Nomadic Washrooms’ online presence is ever-growing. With continuous increases in website traffic, and thanks to their unique offering, a quite unbelievable conversion rate for inquiries.

As the result of strongly targeted keyword content and the organic increase of Nomadic Washrooms’ backlink profile, through featuring in blogs and being nominated for several awards, the website is going from strength to strength, without the use of any expensive SEO tactics.

On the business side, the Nomadic Washroom flock has increased from five to eight units and with more scheduled on the way. Varying in size, shape, capacity and accessibility, Nomadic Washrooms are currently working their hectic Summer season travelling all over the UK. Servicing events, weddings, festivals, tv sets and more; keep an eye out for their unique luxury shepherd hut style toilets and washrooms next time you are out and about.

Chris Evans Plumbing and specialist in oil Heating services

One of the first clients, Chris Evans has been working with Digidol since 2020. A great client to work with, thanks to his own commitment to regularly posting on social media and uploading new content to his Google My Business profile; Chris always has great before and after photos and content to upload to his website that makes life a lot easier.

Providing professional plumbing and heating services to Mid Wales and Shropshire, his improved digital presence has helped him find new clients and provide an easy way for his existing clients to find him again for recurring work.

Wanting to expand his customer base, and specifically increase his number of projects including heating oil boilers, tanks and other oil systems; we always work closely with Chris to create targeted content with more of a focus on location-specific keywords which is proving successful.

Leading to a healthy number of website visitors and a consistent number of monthly free consultation requests, the quality of Chris’ work really makes it easy to turn new customers into returning customers providing an outstanding value to each successful online conversion.


the Westwood Park Hotel summer success

One of Digidol’s most recent clients, the Westwood Park Hotel website revamp has been an instant success. Approaching Digidol to help improve their online presence post the Covid pandemic to help improve their accommodation bookings, owners Diane and Richard are thrilled with the results.

Considering moving the accommodation side to a major online booking company, which would have resulted in the payment of commissions, and the lack of flexibility to deal directly with the booking clients, that idea has been put on the back burner since the website relaunch.

On the pub side, The Westwood Park Hotel also experienced a great Summer from the extra custom of guests popping down for a drink, the stunning revamp of the outside area and the great events they host.

Washing Line website revamp

What started as a pet project after spotting a niche in the market with low competition and high search volumes, Washing-Line has seen growth on average of 150% in traffic when comparing each 2022 month with its 2021 equivalent. Completely organic in its creation, the initial concept was to test keyword SEO techniques out on a trial and error basis as well as show existing and potential new clients the benefits of highly targeted content and its benefits.

Now monetised through Amazon Affiliate, it is providing a reasonable level of conversion and passive income each month. A quite surprising result as the navigation and structure of the site is anything but user-friendly, the positive early results show promise that a site restructure and some TLC may result in an increase in traffic and conversion in the future.