As a freelance digital marketer with nomadic tendencies, I am always looking to expand my professional network and opportunities for new projects in the locations where I am travelling. Arriving in Darwin, Australia in June 2023, I was lucky enough to find the Renko Group searching for assistance with offline and online marketing.

After a few back-and-forth emails, a casual chat was arranged to discuss whether Digidol was a good fit for the Renko Group, and if the Renko Group was a good fit for Digidol. The discussions were a success, resulting in an initial 6-month contract in the Winnellie office, creating and implementing a marketing strategy for the Renko Group.

Following the success of the first 4-months of the contract, Digidol is excited to announce that it has now agreed on a long-term contract as the marketing partner of the Renko Group.

A great addition to the Digidol portfolio, and opening a wide array of exciting new opportunities for growth, you can find out more about the Digidol and Renko partnership below.

What is the Renko Group?

Renko is a start-up incubator and small business accelerator based in the Northern Territory of Australia. The business is unique, as unlike standard incubators, they specialise in the construction and supply-chain management industries.

The concept behind the idea is that Renko can give industry professionals the opportunity to start up and run a business by avoiding the main barriers to entry in these competitive industries.

Renko offers their partners access to the tools and resources they need to advance through the start-up phase and become sustainable within the industry. These tools include access to facilities, administrative support, high-end management systems, professional resources, and expert consultants.

What Companies are in the Renko Group?

At the time of writing, three businesses are already thriving within the Renko Group start-up incubator (Select Switchboards, Select Industrial and Icon Engraving) with plans for several more start-ups in the concept or seed stage.

Select Switchboards

Select Switchboards launched in 2021 and are experts in designing and manufacturing switchboards and all low-voltage integrated switchgear.

Their core switchboards include main switchboards, meter boxes, distribution boards, control panels, control panels, automation panels, motor control centres, switchrooms, mechanical service switchboards and power factor correction. In addition to these products, Select Switchboards also offer switchboard services such as testing and commissioning, safety audits, thermal imaging, upgrades and preventative maintenance.

Continuously growing and expanding, the Select Switchboards team has over 20 employees and has recently won several large Australian Government tenders.

Select Industrial

Select Industrial are a sister company to Select Switchboards and offers industrial electrical projects and services across the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.

They operate across several industries including utilities, industrial, mining and oil and gas to provide a range of services including electrical installations, testing and commissioning, maintenance and servicing, breakdown and fault finding, automation and process control, instrumentation and hazardous area electrical works.

Expanding alongside Select Switchboards, the Select Industrial team is growing, completing vital industrial electrical services across Australia’s largest industries.

Icon Engraving

The newest business in the Renko Group, Icon Engraving offers professional industrial and commercial custom engraving services in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Versatile in their offering, Icon Engraving is capable of laser engraving any custom design supplied onto a range of materials such as metals, plastic, wood, leather, acrylics and more. Icon’s main services are custom laser engraving of industrial signage, bulk order cable tags, defence asset engraving and Yeti’s and Eski’s.

Beginning to grow exponentially, Icon Engraving has already landed large industrial contracts directly through its website.

Digidol and Renko Partnership

Similar to the community of small businesses that Digidol has been building in the UK since 2018, forming a professional partnership with a professional group of start-ups and small businesses in Renko Group was a no-brainer.

The professional partnership so far has seen Digidol create websites for Renko Group, Select Switchboards, Select Industrial and Icon Engraving. All a part of long-term marketing strategies that work on an individual basis for each entity and also as a collective across the group.

For Digidol, it gives a chance to expand our network, and now officially become international. It also provides a load of new exciting opportunities to expand our community of entrepreneurs, encouraging the building of new relationships and sharing of experiences from new markets and industries.

Sam, the Managing Director of Renko, said ‘The experience Chris brings from working with a wide range of different sized businesses from start-ups through to national companies was exactly what we were looking for within the group.

Running a small business himself combined with his experience with creating an online presence for start-ups and small businesses from scratch returned tangible results almost immediately, already helping our businesses grow and expand.

We are excited to continue working with Digidol in the future and see this partnership as another major selling point to our start-up incubator and small business accelerator services.’