Digidol’s Weekly Digital Marketing Tips for April 2023 have the common theme of how you can engage better with your audience on social media. From ideas on engaging content creation to the importance of including calls to action to increase conversion, check out this month’s digital marketing tips for small businesses below.

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Talk with not at your audience – Weekly Tip #016

When looking to create or post new content on your business’s social media, it’s easy to take shortcuts and use the same generic content you normally post. Changing either a few words or the graphic, to quickly make a post to send out to your audience.

At Digidol, I will always promote regular posting, however, with recent changes in social media algorithms and a focus on paid boosts and advertising, exact-match repeated content is penalised on most social channels.

The new social media algorithms will track your posts, deliberately sharing these repeat posts in people’s news feeds. The reason for this is that the algorithms now look to keep users on the platform and do this by promoting engaging posts. The more likes, comments and shares your posts get, the further your reach will be, both in your existing followers and their mutuals.

It also gives you a chance to build on your brand relationship with your customer base, increasing loyalty and repeat business. Think of posts that can generate follower interaction, such as polls or questions, and create unique engaging content to reach a wider audience.

The Abermule Inn do this amazingly, regularly posting engaging content that encourages their followers to tag friends, like and comment to increase their reach. 

Actionable Tip

Start A Conversation – Come up with some ideas for posts that encourage your followers to interact by either liking, commenting or sharing. Then, engage with them. Use this prime opportunity to build and strengthen the relationship between your followers and your brand.

Show Everything You Do – Weekly Tip #017

Coming up with new ideas for social media posts can be difficult, but not everything has to be a post trying to promote the services or products you have to offer right now.

We are so committed, living and breathing our small business 24/7 that it is so easy to forget that an outside world exists. The constant requirement of managing existing clients, generating new clients and developing your skills or products to offer improved or new services, means that we sometimes forget that people are unaware of everything that goes on behind the scenes to make our small business a success.

You are always doing something, so this means that you should always have something to post about. Whether you are trying out a new prototype for a product, experimenting with your existing products or gaining a new qualification to be able to provide another service, let people know.

Seeing the commitment and dedication you put into making your small business a success demonstrates how much you care about the quality of your products or services.

A local example of this is Nails By Zoe Hannah. For the past two years, Zoe has been training to be a fully-accredited nail technician trainer so that she can start a new venture on top of her already successful nail business. Throughout her course, Zoe provided several posts, updating her clients about her progress through the course and promoting the new qualifications she has received as well as new services she can now offer.

By doing this for the last year, Zoe has now launched Zoe Hannah LTD – Nails Beauty Training with all of her followers already aware of the new venture, and a captivated audience already following her new socials!

Actionable Tip

Access All Areas – Think about what you are doing behind the scenes that could provide value or insight to your audience to help enhance your relationship. Transform these into a post or story and start engaging with your followers to show what goes into making your small business a success.


ALWAYS USE CTA’S – Weekly Tip #018

A Call To Action (CTA) is a prompt for users to guide them into completing an action. The most common Call To Action you will see are buttons. These will include clear instructions, trying to get you to complete an action such as ‘Buy Now’, ‘Get In Touch’ or ‘Find Out More’.

Others (like this tip) include a couple of lines to conclude the post, normally including links, encouraging readers to complete an action.

Some social media platforms have now embraced the Call To Action, helping you make unique CTAs to fit your post content. For example, Facebook allows you to add a button to posts prompting users to complete whatever action you choose. So, in every promotional piece you create for your business, make sure there is a clear Call To Action that guides the reader into completing the action you want.

It is important that you consider what you want your reader to do when they see or read your posts. If it is a generic post about a new blog on your website, then you will obviously want them to go on to your website and read the blog. On the other hand, if you are promoting a product or service, you may want to encourage readers to ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Get A Free Quote’.

Make sure that all of your small business’s social media posts have a clear message and a matching Call To Action to encourage your followers into engaging with the post how you want.

Actionable Tip

Set Up A CTA Check – Before scheduling or posting your content to social media, think about what is in the post and what you want the reader to do after seeing your post. Then either add a link or a CTA button to guide the reader into completing that action.

Show Your Human – Weekly Tip #019

Every day running a small business is a new day to learn. Being a jack of all trades and having to keep all the plates spinning on the discs with a small team or just a team of you can be beyond stressful. But, still, through trial and error (and error, and error and error) you always come through it.

So, if you are a small business/self-employed and use your business’s size, your personality and your rapport as your unique selling points, don’t hide your reality from your following when things haven’t exactly gone to plan.

Show them a behind-the-scenes look at the hard work and dedication that you put in to make your business a success, and remind them that you are only human too. This can also be a great way to turn a negative tough situation into a positive one, showing your professionalism and determination to provide your high-quality service, regardless of any challenges you may have faced.

This honesty and personalisation can also help improve your relationship with your followers and clients, enhancing the connection between you and your brand.

One example of this that I regularly see (and love) is small businesses that sell products creating a social media post explaining to clients why they are behind on orders and what they have done/are doing to resolve the issue. Giving people an explanation, rather than just stating that there will be a delay, humanises you and shows respect to your loyal customers.

Actionable Tip

Get Personal – If your personality and passion are what make your small business a success then show people the good and the bad days. Test the water by creating and adding a story to your socials with the reality of running a small business. Your audience will be intrigued and fascinated by what goes on and seeing your dedication will improve the relationship between your brand and your followers.

Monthly Summary

  • Start A Conversation – Make posts that engage your audience and build your relationship.
  • Access All Areas – Show behind the scenes of your small business to show what goes into your services or products and what is coming up next.
  • CTA Check – Ensure all your posts have a clear call to action to guide your audience to where you want them.
  • Get Personal – Show the human side of running your small business and how you make it a success.

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