As part of our ongoing partnership between Digdiol and Beddoes Products, we are excited to announce the launch of a new collection of roof tile vents available at

Released in the early Autumn, the new range of products includes five new roof tile designs that perfectly fit within the latest styles and tiles available on the market.

To celebrate the release of the new roof vent tile products, we thought it would be a great opportunity to complete a Digidol client spotlight blog post on Beddoes Products.

So, we teamed up with Scott at Beddoes Products, their resident roof tile expert, to put together a quick guide on roof ventilation to help you look after the value of your property and your living environment.

Why is Roof Ventilation Important?

Homes and properties within the UK are producing more condensation than ever before. This is due to two main reasons; the increased production of heat from appliances, showers, central heating etc., and the improved level of insulation and double-glazing.

This increased condensation rises and keeps rising until it reaches your loft space. At this point, this warm stale air comes into contact with surfaces and cools. During this cooling process, the moisture that is in the warm air forms water droplets. This typically occurs on the timber structure of your property, the lintels and the underside of your roof.

Over time, this build-up of moisture from condensation in your loft space can develop into wet rot, dry rot and black mould.

If undealt with, these issues can compromise the structure of your roof and reduce the value of your property. More worryingly, in the short term, these issues can reduce the quality of your living environment and cause respiratory problems by releasing spores into the air that you breathe.

How do Roof Vent Tiles Work?

The best thing about roof tile vents is that they work passively. The vent part of the tile allows for cool fresh air to be drawn into the lower part of the roof space, circulating the trapped air, and forcing the stale warm air out. This prevents the warm air from cooling on surfaces, and the formation of water droplets that lead to mould, dampness or rot.

Roof Tile Vents at Beddoes Products

At Beddoes Products, we specialise in roof tile vents, pipes and adaptors, that’s it. With our new additions to the website we now have 26 roof vent style variations, all available for next-day delivery across the UK.

The reason for this many products is that we design and manufacture our vented tiles to match the most popular roof tiles on the market. This makes each tile easy to install and seamlessly blends into the style of your property’s roof. We also offer a selection of sizes in each design style, to match the different roof style profiles as well as a colour-matching service for any bespoke needs.

As expected, our most popular products match the UK’s leading roof tile styles of Marley Tile Vents and Redland Tile Vents.

Beddoes Products Latest Roof Tile Vents

The latest collection of products that we have added to the Beddoes Products site are the Redland Regent Vent Tile, Redland Richmond 10 Vent Tile, Calderdale Edge Vent Tile, Marley Bold Roll Vent Tile and 2020 Vent Tile.

We are excited and proud to launch this new selection of roof tile vents and to continue offering roof tile vents that fit the most popular roof tile styles. Already in demand, and starting to be installed by our customers across the UK, work has already begun on the design of our next collection of roof ventilation tiles which we can’t wait to add to the site.

Why do we love Beddoes Products at Digidol?

Working closely with Scott at Beddoes Products, it is clear to see the expertise and passion that is put into the business. What I love about Beddoes Products is that they don’t overcomplicate it, or spread themselves too thinly trying to explore new markets, they stick to what they know. And what they know, is roof vent tiles.

These new products on the website are a testament to the hard work and innovation that is going on behind the scenes in their UK-based factory. Always striving to offer the best solutions on the market, this new range shows their ongoing commitment to adapt and innovate; producing high-quality roof vent tile designs that seamlessly blend in with the most popular tile styles on the market.

If that is not enough, Beddoes Products also offers free delivery on all orders and a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. The cherry on top is that they also design and manufacture all of their roof tile vents in the UK, more specifically in their Welshpool factory in Mid Wales.