The rise of the campervan life culture has led to a massive increase in people ditching the ‘one big holiday a year’ to make the most of road-tripping to visit new places in the UK and across Europe at their leisure. However, what used to be considered a ‘hippy’ affordable way to travel has seen a sharp inflation in the cost of purpose-built campervans. To create a cheaper alternative, many travellers have opted to purchase regular vans, completing DIY campervan conversions, to make their dream travel home.

However, this comes with its challenges. From needing expertise or a high competency when it comes to DIY, long lead times on parts and also the time it takes to complete such a project alongside an already busy life. That is where Orbvans’ new Flexible, Modular and Removable (FMR) Universal Camper System provides the answer. Purpose-built to provide you with everything you need to quickly convert your van to a camper.

The Story Behind Orbvans

Founded by Richard Tibbott in Mid Wales, the idea for Orbvans came from wanting to combine his favourite leisure activity with his professional expertise in engineering and design.

A long-term member of the campervan community, Richard has witnessed firsthand the many changes in the market for campervans and how the industry has changed.

The rise in popularity of the camper lifestyle led to a huge inflation of the prices of vans and lead times on new parts. Furthered by the COVID-19 pandemic changing people’s perception of holidaying abroad and wanting the freedom that comes with a campervan setup; the increase in the cost of purpose-built campers shows no sign of slowing down.

The obvious alternative of converting standard vans into campers became the ‘affordable’ option. Providing people with a cheaper way to own a campervan and a passion project. This was fueled by social media influencers and creatives showing their camper conversion journey,

Slightly romanticised online and having completed DIY conversions himself, Richard is well aware of how easy it is to underestimate the time, expertise and costs attached to completing a van conversion, granted that you do not have any additional problems along the way.

Stemming from these changes in the industry that make the camper life less accessible to newcomers and for existing members to upgrade or change their vehicle, the idea for Orbvans was born.

The goal was to create a van conversion solution that was easy to install, removable, customisable and, in keeping with the camper community ethos and also eco-friendly.

By introducing the Flexible, Modular and Removable (FMR) Universal Camper System, Orbvans has done exactly that.

The Flexible, Modular and Removable (FMR) Universal Camper System

The Flexible, Modular and Removable Universal Camper System (shortened to the FMR Universal Camper System) is the latest innovation from Orbvans. Compatible with more vans and providing more customisation choices than ever before; if you are looking for an affordable removable camper converter you have found the right product for you.

Why choose the FMR Universal Camper System?

There are many reasons why we love the FMR Universal Camper System at Digidol. In this next section, we look at its key design features and why you should consider the FMR if you are looking at converting your van into a camper.

Removable Campervan Setup

The FMR has a base bed system that includes side mounting frames and a 3-piece bed. After the initial assembly of the flat pack units on average, it takes less than 5 minutes to install in the loading area of a van and 5 minutes to disassemble.

The removability and fast re-installation of this unit means that you can have a fully functioning van for your home or work life and a campervan all in one vehicle. This enhances the affordability of the camper lifestyle. From negating the need to purchase a second vehicle, twice the amount of running costs and common issues with owning a vehicle, like parking.

Modularity and Flexibility

As mentioned, the FMR camper system as standard includes side mounting frames and a bed base. This is enough to convert a regular van into a camper, with the opportunity to loosely store anything you need in the storage space below the bed. If you are only planning on completing sporadic short-length trips then this will be more than enough for you. However, if you are a frequent road tripper, you need a campervan that reflects your lifestyle and is capable of accommodating your needs for the types of trips that you want to make.

That is where the FMR’s customisable modules come into play. The FMR is designed to allow the seamless addition or exchange of additional modules to fit your needs, even if they evolve.

A Customisable Camper

Currently, the FMR can be fitted with a selection of extra modules including a rear-mounted sliding kitchen, fridge drawer systems, and front-mounted fridge drawers, along with tambour cupboards.

The modules are designed to be easy to fit and have no set position within the bed frame structure. This allows you to add the modules in any quantity, combination or arrangement you wish to create your perfect camper setup.

Orbvans is also continuously working on designing and manufacturing new modules to fit within the camper frame, allowing you to pick and choose your campervan setup for each unique trip that you make.

Specifications of the FMR by Orbvans

Now let’s get into the more detailed specifics about Orbvans’ FMR Universal Camper System with all of the important information on whether it is the perfect fit to convert your van into a camper.

Compatible Vans for Conversion

Intelligently designed to be versatile and fit within a variety of popular van models and van manufacturers. The FMR is compatible with:

Volkswagen: VW T4/T5/T6 (SWB/LWB) – Kombi available upon request
Ford: Transit Custom (SWB/LWB) – Kombi available upon request, Transit MK7, Tourneo Custom (LWB), Transit Connect (LWB)
Vauxhall: Vivaro (SWB/LWB)
Renault: Trafic (SWB/LWB)
Mercedes: Vito (SWB/LWB), Sprinter
Fiat: Ducato
Volkswagen: Crafter
Peugeot: Boxer

This list is not exhaustive and if your van model is not mentioned, it is advised to get in touch directly with Orbvans for compatibility information.

Weight and Dimensions

At a basic setup, the system weighs approximately 30kg, making it a lightweight yet sturdy addition to your van. The system’s size is meticulously designed to maximise space and comfort within your van. It measures up to 1780mm in width, 1800mm in length, and 570mm in height, providing ample space without compromising the functionality of your van.

Manufacture Materials

Each van conversion kit from Orbvans is crafted from high-quality Ekoply and 18mm Ply. Capable of supporting over 400kg in weight, these materials ensure that the system not only offers exceptional durability but also the key property of being waterproof (an essential feature for the unpredictable UK weather). In addition, in keeping with the camper community ethos all of the materials are sustainably sourced and fully recyclable.

When will the Flexible, Modular and Removable (FMR) Universal Camper System be available?

The official launch of the Flexible, Modular and Removable Universal Camper System by Orbvans is the 11th of March 2024. But as the early camper catches the worm, you can already place a pre-order for this campervan conversion unit right now. As an extra benefit for pre-ordering, this limited-time offer also includes free assembly and installation at the Orbvans base in Mid Wales.

Ready to Transform Your Van into Your Dream Campervan?

Start your journey to the camper lifestyle and begin creating unforgettable memories with Orbvans’ FMR Universal Camper System. Whether you’re planning weekend getaways or embarking on a cross-country road trip, our system offers the flexibility, durability, and customisation you need to make your van more than just a vehicle, but a holiday home on wheels.

Don’t wait to start your adventure. Pre-order now to take advantage of our limited-time offer, including free assembly and installation. Visit Orbvans’ FMR Universal Camper System to find out more and place your order. Have any questions about the FMR or want to speak directly to the designer? Email Orbvans directly at!