To explain what managed hosting is, we will start at the top. A website is basically a bundle of data. This data needs to somewhere to live in order to be accessible. Websites sit on servers, which are essentially big data centres that store information.

When a user clicks on a website link, the search engine (e.g. Google) will visit the server the website sits on and pulls out the information requested. This data is then presented on the device the user is using in the form of a website. Servers can be shared where it sits with other websites (most commonly used) or dedicated, where it holds that website alone. 

What WE DO…

If you choose to use our managed hosting services, we will place your website on our own servers. Allowing us to maintain the uptime of your website and keep your site totally secure. By doing this we have the hosting aspect of managed hosting covered. So what do we mean by the ‘managed’ part?

At Digidol we do more than just host your website. We continuously monitor your website’s uptime, ensure the latest software updates, provide an SSL certificate for security and create and manage 2 business email addresses as standard (more can be requested). All of these extra features are included within our affordable managed hosting package, meaning you get the most for your money.

What you get…

We like to do things a little differently at Digidol and we pride ourselves on that. When we offer managed hosting, we mean a full managed hosting package. If you really just want some server space for your website to sit on, then obviously we can do that.

But for us hosting is much more than just a platform to sit your website on and forget about it.

As we mentioned before our managed hosting package includes high-speed website load time, a server with more than 99% uptime, SSL certificates, regular software updates and 3 personalised business email addresses.

Our biggest pet hate at Digidol are high-quality websites that are left untouched to slowly go out of date and drift into existence. Our managed hosting ensures that this doesn’t happen to your website! The free regular software updates we do come with new content suggestions from us to keep your website fully up to date.

Frequently asked questions

You may have come across search engine optimisation in business and have a few questions. To make it easier for you we have answered the most common questions we get about search engine optimisation.  

Why are professional business emails important?

When potential customers approach your business, especially through a contact form on a website they are more than likely still in the decision stage of their purchase cycle. Picture someone getting in to contact with several accommodation options when looking for somewhere to stay. At this point you are in the running, which is great. However, if this potential customer checks their email to find an email from ‘’ they may not know which website they’ve contacted you through or, even worse they may lose trust for the brand.

When you own a domain name and that is placed on a server, the server has space to also store email accounts. This means you can have branded business email addresses set up and re-directed to your current email address. Picture the scene above but with the email address ‘’, which would you prefer to be contacted by? 

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