Agile Training Group

Agile Training Group provides leadership training, coaching, and mentoring along with accredited and bespoke training courses to organisations in the UK, across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation 

Project Duration

2020 – Present

Project Brief

The owner of Agile Group Training, Pete, got into contact with Digidol through another client of ours who gave us a glowing recommendation. In the free 1-hour Digidol consultation, Pete described how previously the Agile Training Group had a website run by a reasonably large digital marketing firm; unfortunately, after several years of working together, they began increasing prices without any additional benefit and the website went offline.

This left the Agile Training Group website with only a basic landing page. This was an issue as they regularly have inquiries from existing business contacts wanting more information but nowhere to send them. This made Pete wary of outsourcing the website again which is understandable. Thankfully for us, Pete saw how Digidol provided a much more personal touch and the care and attention we give each of our clients.

The main purpose of the new Agile Training Group website was to have somewhere to show off their services to inquiring clients. Pete also wanted Agile to stand out from the rest which is evident from its logo and branding. He didn’t want Agile to be another boring corporate website, he wanted the Agile character to shine through.

Project Overview

As we mentioned in the project brief, the previous website was thought to be lost. Luckily, at Digidol we were able to recover a reasonable amount of the old website, saving a lot of good content. We also were able to see the previous design which Pete wanted to incorporate into the new design.

We used aspects of the previous website that Pete wanted to keep and updated them with a modern twist. To ensure that we kept on track with the website’s progress and kept within the Agile brand, we had regular video calls with Pete and other members of the Agile team. We used these meetings for continual feedback on the design process to make sure that we aligned with everyone’s vision of the website. They were also really effective for optimising the user journey throughout the website, ensuring that all calls to action are in the perfect place to maximise the number of inquiries.

Project Review

The biggest challenge with the Agile Group Training website design was the incorporation of five strong colours throughout the website. We attributed colours to service pages to do this which worked really effectively and helped split each service page individually and make it unique. We also included a range of professional images with dark overlays in order to exaggerate colours against interesting backgrounds. Finally, we also created and incorporated a professional video on the homepage header which provides a subtle but elegant entrance onto the website which Pete his business partners loved.

Pete is a very visual person and loved the design of the new Agile Group Training website so much that he asked Digidol to help in making graphics for Agile’s social media platforms and branded templates for professional documents. We are now working together on a retainer basis creating unique graphics and professional documents incorporating the Agile branding.

We are also still working regularly with Agile in order to keep their website updated in terms of the latest courses they are offering and how they are following covid restrictions.

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