Alexanders of Welshpool

A family-based business that has been established on Welshpool high street for over 60 years Alexanders of Welshpool. Alexanders is best known for stocking high-quality cooking, hardware, camping, DIY & gardening products at affordable prices.

Project Type

Search Engine Optimisation

Digital Marketing Consultancy 

Project Duration

2016 – Present

Project Brief

A return to where it all began for the owner of Digidol, a Saturday boy in Alexanders of Welshpool was the first official job on the CV. Now a regular customer for all of the essentials for the home and garden (as well as a catch-up) with the staff, Alexanders and Digidol have always been close partners.

Regularly discussing future business plans, marketing and general idea-sharing, Digidol is Alexanders’ go-to, when looking for advice on both digital and traditional marketing strategies. Happy to be on hand to provide a professional opinion, and assist in any means possible, this long-term business relationship between Alexanders of Welshpool and Digidol looks set to continue long into the future.

Project Overview

Launched back in 2009, the Alexanders of Welshpool website had humble beginnings as an information site promoting their in-store offers. Quickly changing to an e-commerce website, their unique positioning in the market as a traditional family-run independent store, allowed a range of high-quality niche products to be available online for the first time. Since launching, the e-commerce site has shipped products all over Europe and further afield, and has been an opportunity for this small Welsh business to reach new customers for the first time.

Since before the launch of Digidol in 2016, Alexanders have regularly asked for advice on boosting website traffic and their whole digital presence. We regularly drop by the shop or talk on the phone in order to provide tips and expert advice. From the basics of SEO including the optimisation of content to link building strategies, guidance has been provide in order to improve the Alexanders’ website rankings in SERPs.

Project Review

The digital marketing consultancy provided by Digidol to Alexanders of Welshpool has shown a steady increase in traffic and also conversions over the years. Especially helpful during the lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic, where Alexanders remained open for business, both online and in-store.

Looking to the future, Digidol has created realistic digital marketing goals for Alexanders in order to continuously improve their digital presence. Providing the owners with guides and tips on how to keep building strong backlinks, create good engaging content and grow the online side of the business.

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