AP Landscapes

AP Landscapes is a family-run landscaping, grounds maintenance and tree surgery business that services Mid Wales, Shropshire and the West Midlands.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation 

Project Duration

2023 – Present

Project Brief

Adam from AP Landscapes got in touch with Digidol after being referred to our services by two of our other clients. He was looking for a new website for the landscaping business that he runs with his cousin, Charlie.

AP Landscapes did previously have a website that Adam created using GoDaddy, however, they let it expire as it was very basic and not bringing in any clients to justify continuing the monthly payments. As with all small businesses, we offered AP Landscapes a Free Digital Marketing Consultation and got to work creating their bespoke report.

Once the report was sent over and Adam had a look through it, we arranged a video call with Adam to talk through the key points and what could be done to improve AP Landscapes’ digital presence.

Wanting a new website that included a portfolio section to showcase some of their landscaping, ground maintenance and tree surgery projects, a proposal was created and sent over. Happy with Digidol’s proposal, we got started in building a brand new website for AP Landscapes.

Project Overview

Using the proposal created and with some examples of landscaping websites that Adam liked, Digidol began designing the new website. Incorporating the dark green and white brand colours from the AP Landscapes logo, it was decided to create the website with mainly a white background, utilising the dark green for accents and to make the call the actions stand out.

As most people that will be searching for a landscaper, grounds maintenance or tree surgery services online will be looking to find a contractor to complete work, we included several strong calls to action throughout the site. Starting with a clear contact form on the homepage header, and regularly encouraging readers to contact AP Landscapes for a free consultation.

A decision was also made to minimise the amount of imagery on key pages, drawing the user’s attention to the project’s sections and exploring their previous work.

The projects section was important for AP Landscapes, as it is with any independent contractors, to showcase their capabilities and promote the quality of their work.
We worked closely with Adam to add as much content as possible to each project, to not only provide context but also to demonstrate the professional knowledge of the AP Landscapes team.

Each of the 8 projects that we added was also unique, showcasing a different service they offer. This provided a good base amount of projects to launch the website, but with plenty of opportunity to add more projects to build out their portfolio.

As the previous website had little traction, another key objective was to ensure that the new AP Landscapes website ranks well on Google. There is no point investing in a new website if it doesn’t get any traffic, so we again worked closely with Adam to maximise the amount of keyword-targeted content on each page to provide a good ranking base.

Knowing that results may not be immediate, Digidol created a long-term SEO strategy for AP Landscapes that Adam and Charlie can implement themselves over the next 12 months. This plan includes several different link-building strategies, in addition to tips for maximising their traction on social media and Google My Business to get more traffic to the website.

Project Review

Thanks to the professionality, cooperation and commitment of Adam, the new website was built and launched in just one week, from concept to completion. A new record for Digidol.

Moving forward, we are excited to continue this partnership with AP Landscapes to enhance its digital presence. Assisting them in adding new projects to the website, and implementing the long-term digital marketing strategy created to continuously improve their SEO.

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