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Beddoes Products is a UK manufacturer and distributor of roof tile vents located in Welshpool in Mid Wales. Selling over 10,000 units, Beddoes Products provides comprehensive solutions for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Shopify E-Commerce

Project Duration

2022 – Present

Project Brief

Scott from Beddoes Products contacted Digidol for assistance with growing the website’s digital presence and reach. An already successful start-up, Scott had created the Beddoes Products website from scratch using Shopify and self-taught SEO tactics. This was effective in ranking well for highly specific keywords, such as product names like ‘Marley Tile Vents’, and also for wider generic terms, such as ‘Roof Tile Vents’.

An impressive feat, especially as Scott was building Beddoes Products alongside his full-time job, the site was performing well with a steady stream of traffic and sales. As time passed, the site’s traffic and conversions began to plateau; and due to life commitments, Scott found it difficult to allocate the time required to create and implement a strong SEO strategy to continue the growth of the website.

Having previously used Digidol’s consultancy services to help create the original SEO strategy for Beddoes Products, Scott requested a free 1-hour consultation for Digidol to assess the existing performance and the potential for growth as an online distributor.

The consultation included a written report alongside a video call to discuss the findings and how Digidol could help Beddoes Products continue its growth online. Scott was happy with the ideas and concepts presented, and we began working together to create a new short-term and long-term SEO strategy for Beddoes Products.

Project Overview

The new SEO strategy would be a two-pronged approach, targeting the increase of traffic to the website, and increasing the conversion rate of all traffic that entered the site.

To attract more website traffic, Digidol completed a comprehensive SEO analysis of the site, identifying key strengths and weaknesses. This included the analysis of all referring domains and the full backlink profile of Beddoes Products and all its main competitors. This highlighted a number of promising opportunities for both on-site and off-site improvements.

One example is that Beddoes Products already had several existing content pages containing helpful tips and tricks about roof tile vents on the website in the form of blog posts. These pages varied in their success, with some pages effectively driving traffic to the site, whilst others gaining minimal traction.

The first job at Digidol was to optimise all of the existing content to maximise its effectiveness. This included a range of different techniques, from keyword optimising well-performing pages to repurposing underperforming content to target keywords with higher search volume. The decision was also made to convert these content pages from generic blog posts to subject-specific guides. This improved the user navigation journey on the website in addition to the SEO content structure.

To improve Beddoes Products conversion, we assessed the existing layout structure of the website as a whole, and then more specifically the key product pages. The existing site was built using an early Shopify theme which had become a little outdated due to their continuous upgrades and updates. Scott had intended to redesign the site with one of the latest themes, however, found it difficult to find sufficient time to complete a site redesign.

Before beginning the redesign, Digidol discussed with Scott what he wanted from the new site design and together we researched the highest-converting Shopify sites for inspiration. Working together we created a sleek modern design, that highlighted the expertise that Beddoes Products as a leading manufacturer of roof tile vents. Utilising media like high-quality imagery and videos, the site was rejuvenated using one of the latest fast-loading Shopify themes.

The product pages were also redesigned with a focus on creating unique content for each product. This helped with SEO, allowing each of the product pages to rank higher individually, and with conversion by enhancing the user journey.

Project Review

The first phase of the partnership between Beddoes Products and Digidol has seen many positives. In the first 5 months, there has been consistent growth in both ranking positions on Google and organic traffic visiting the site. A trend that is set to continue with the ongoing addition of new content, backlinks and on-page optimisations, at Beddoes Products and Digidol we are now implementing strategies that target the conversion of all traffic, both existing and exponential.

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