CH Consultancy

CH Consultancy provides professional consulting services to start-up, and existing, children homeowners and management teams.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation 

Project Duration

2023 – Present

Project Brief

Will at CH Consultancy first messaged Digidol after being referred by an existing client. He was looking for assistance to help build a digital presence for the launch of his new venture; providing professional consultancy services for children’s homes.

As straightforward as his consultancy services are, Will was ready to get started immediately. So rather than provide Digidol’s normal Free 1-Hour Consultation report, we arranged a video call to fully discuss what Will wanted for CH Consultancy’s online presence and created a proposal and plan to get the ball rolling.

Project Overview

The first thing we approached was a logo for the new business. Will had sent over some concept logos he had created for CH Consultancy, wanting them to be refined slightly to reflect the professionality of his services. After a couple of back and forths with different colour styles and design concepts, the logo was finalised and ready to start building a digital presence.

As Will’s consultancy is fairly niche, there were not many existing businesses online offering similar services. The few that did, either had outdated or bland websites with a template or boxed structure and little else that made them stand out individually.

Will wanted something more exciting, with colour and images that draw your attention. The purpose of a website for him is to be a useful professional tool rather than a lead generator, showcasing the business and its unique capabilities to new connections and potential clients. This meant that content was only important to communicate the key information, with long keyword-targeted content pages, not a requirement.

This freedom of design made this build exciting for me at Digidol. Will was a very trusting client and simply wanted something that would easily stand out from the crowd. Experimenting with images, parallax effects and shapes, we are both really happy with the end result.

Sleek in its look and operation, the website is accented with the yellow from the logo providing a vibrancy, whilst the images provide a creative break to stand out on each page.

Project Review

Looking to dominate a fairly untapped niche, we are working closely with Will to build CH Consultancy into the highest-ranking website for any of the major keywords related to his services.

Although these terms may not be widely searched, being the top result on Google for the few people that are searching for his services will hopefully allow the CH Consultancy to also double-up as a lead generator in the future.

Check out the CH Consultancy website:

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