Chris Evans Plumbing & Heating

Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating is a family-run OFTEC registered heating company based in Mid Wales. Providing professional plumbing and heating services from fixing taps to full central heating systems.

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Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Managed Hosting


Project Duration

2020 – Present

Project Brief

We were first approached by Chris after the launch of our website. He took advantage of our free 1-hour consultation offer to find out more about his current digital presence and what more could be done in order to improve. Previously, Chris had used the Yell directory in order to advertise his business online and wanted to know whether that had any benefits.

After presenting the proposal for Chris, we spoke over the phone to discuss several different options to improve the digital presence of Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating. We informed him that upon reviewing the analytics side of the Yell platform, in the previous six months the paid Yell listing had yielded 0 calls and only a handful of clicks – proving ineffective.

With the Covid-19 lockdown and the extra spare time he had available, he decided that now was the perfect time to build a website – allowing his business to develop in these uncertain times. Along with the website, Chris opted for one of our monthly SEO packages with updates in order to continuously improve the business’s online presence.

Chris Evans Plumbing & Heating Website Homepage by Digidol
Chris Evans Plumbing & Heating Website Design by Digidol

Project Overview

Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating Services Page

At Digidol we were really looking forward to getting stuck into this project, with the task of building a website from scratch in just 2 weeks an exciting challenge. We worked closely with Chris throughout this period, signing off on different aspects of the project as we went along to ensure the deadline was met.

However, the short project schedule didn’t mean we cut corners on design, with this possibly being one of the best websites we have designed so far. We created a blog template incorporating the business logo which will be used to create branded posts for social media platforms. We also added extra design features such as a sticky sidebar on all of the services pages with clear calls to action to entice the reader to get in touch. Finally, we included a filterable portfolio in order for potential customers to find specific completed projects easily.

Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating Services Page

Project Review

This project certainly had some unique challenges – mainly due to the lockdown. As we wanted to create an attractive looking site we needed a range of different images. Due to being unable to travel out and take more pictures we had to be creative with the existing images we had. Lucky for us, Chris already had some great pictures and with editing on some lower quality images, we were really happy with the outcome.

We also enjoyed working so closely with Chris, his passion for his work was infectious and that’s what we tried to incorporate within the website. Moving forward, we are certainly looking forward to continuing to work with Chris in the future and develop the website further through regular content updates.

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