Concrete Solutions

Concrete Solutions are professional contractors who specialise in the installation and maintenance of patterned concrete driveways, patios and outdoor spaces. Based in Montgomery, they operate across Mid Wales and Shropshire.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Management 

Project Duration

2023 – Present

Project Brief

James Evans and James Simister launched Concrete Solutions in 2020 and haven’t looked back. Both experienced tradesmen, the transition from general groundworks staff to starting their own independent business has been an impressive success, growing an impressive reputation as some of the best imprinted concrete installers in Mid Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire.

Now at a crucial part of their growth, they got in contact with Digidol for our free 1-hour consultation to explore how they could improve their digital presence. As always we happily obliged and put together our free digital marketing report and arranged a video call to discuss the findings.

The consultation report covered improvements they could make to their website, opportunities online, social media tips and how to increase their digital reputation.

Concrete Solutions already had a website they created using Wix which operated as a professional showcase of their work. However, it was thin on content and was gaining little traction on search engine results pages. In addition, several similar businesses in the local area had recently completed a website revamp, and they didn’t want to be left behind.

With a Summer diary full of bookings ahead, Concrete Solutions were looking to focus on the projects at hand and requested Digidol’s services to enhance its digital presence.

An exciting opportunity for us to work with such a successful start-up, we began creating a full digital marketing package for Concrete Solutions. This included a new website, SEO strategy, Social Media Assistance and Sales Process Optimisation.

Project Overview

To begin, we discussed different approaches, designs and strategies for the website to define clear objectives of what they wanted from a new website.

The design and style of the existing Wix site was clearly laid out and had a well laid out aesthetic. However, as previously mentioned, the limited content on the website meant that the site was not ranked highly on search engine results pages.

We looked at what patterned concrete websites across the UK were doing, analysing their keywords, word count and more to see what was needed to reach those all-important top-ranking spots.

Once we identified the key performance indicators, we began building the website and creating a long-term SEO strategy for Concrete Solutions.

The website design included elements of the original Concrete Solutions design as well as ideas and styles from the highest-ranking imprinted concrete websites in the United Kingdom. An exciting build to complete with a wide variety of challenges and creativity required to get everything just right, we are proud of the end result.

We also helped to optimise the sales process and every touch point for the user. By doing this, we identified key points in the user journey that could be enhanced, striving to increase both the number of enquiries and the rate of conversion.

One example of how we did this includes creating a new professional email address with the Concrete Solutions domain name to build trust with the user. Another was identifying Concrete Solutions’ unique selling points and ensuring these were clearly displayed and included in all promotional materials.

Project Review

Due to Concrete Solutions being at such a critical point in its start-up growth and with the busy Summer season about to begin, all of the work Digidol completed was part of a larger digital marketing strategy we created.

The website build provided a good base, but in a competitive market, it is important for us to keep improving the site. Adding more content, enhancing the user experience and constantly tweaking pages, sections and wordings to optimise its effectiveness.

We are now working closely with Concrete Solutions to continuously enhance their digital presence. Combining the new digital marketing strategy with their incredible offline marketing campaigns, glowing reputation and ongoing word-of-mouth recommendations within local communities is an exciting project to be a part of.

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