Fabrizios Italian Kitchen

Fabrizio’s Italian Kitchen is a family-run authentic Italian restaurant located in Trewern, near Welshpool, in Mid Wales. Winners of Wales’ Best Italian Restaurant in 2023, this little taste of Italy is a favourite of locals and tourists.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Project Duration

2023 – Present

Project Brief

Digidol was first contacted by Fabrizio’s Italian Kitchen through a recommendation by Alan from Dojo, who is one of our key professional partners. After working together on previous projects to improve the digital presence of local restaurants and public houses, Alan referred Fabrizio to Digidol when looking to update their website.

The existing website was several years old and had minimal updates or alterations completed since its creation in 2016. This meant that menus and prices were not completely accurate, whilst a large number of the media and imagery was taken at Fabrizio’s original venue in Welshpool, which they moved from in 2022. They also had a range of different table booking systems in place, which caused confusion to both customers and staff with no cross-integration.

Fabrizio wanted a complete overhaul of the website. Firstly, to reflect the style of the new venue and do justice to the incredible food they create; and secondly, to clearly direct all customers to the Dojo booking system.

As with any Digidol referral or enquiry, a free consultation report was completed and presented over a joint video call with Alan from Dojo and Fabrizio’s family. Happy with the proposal included in the consultation, we discussed a project timeline and began the process of improving the digital presence of Fabrizio’s Italian Kitchen.

Project Overview

Impressed with the style and design of previous websites created by Digidol, Fabrizio opted to provide Digidol with a complete artistic licence on the website design and structure.

I opted to go for a modern sophisticated design style with the addition of attention-grabbing imagery of Fabrizio’s incredible cuisine. We also decided on a clean and simple website structure of just five core pages. This is important to optimise the user’s journey and also to maximise the conversion rate of booking a table via the Dojo widget.

Having visited the restaurant several times before, in addition to the video call in the consultation, Digidol knew the importance of capturing the true family passion behind the food in the restaurant on the website.

For this reason, it was really important for me to create the perfect ‘About Us’ page. I wanted to mirror the warm friendly feeling you receive when you enter the restaurant and the clear passion you feel for their love of authentic Italian cuisine. To do this, I used an old candid picture of Fabrizio and his family working at the restaurant and added charismatic content explaining their unique journey.

Project Review

As a huge fan of Fabrizio’s Italian Kitchen myself, especially the carbonara, it was a pleasure to work with another family-run local business. Being a patron of the restaurant on multiple occasions I feel confident that I have helped to strike the perfect balance of a new modern website that also encapsulates the warm welcoming ambience of an authentic Italian restaurant.

On a practical level, the most distinctive benefit of the new website so far is that it has allowed Fabrizio’s Italian Kitchen to streamline its table booking system using Dojo. This has led to much smoother operations for the staff, with a single booking system allowing them to appropriately manage tables, capacities and turnovers; in addition to making it simpler for patrons to know exactly where to book directly.

Looking to the future, there are already plans to keep developing on the website, with a specials and offers section to be added to the homepage, once the deals are finalised. We are also working together to maximise the digital reach of Fabrizio’s across socials by providing social media post inspiration and ideas. Finally, we are also regularly discussing techniques to maintain and build on the sterling online reputation of Fabrizio’s Italian Kitchen by optimising the consumer’s review journey.

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