Green Dragon Inn Welshpool

The Green Dragon Inn Welshpool is a family-run pub at the top of Welshpool town centre. Established back in 1754, The Green Dragon sits within a Grade II listed building and is a favourite among locals and has a popular function room for hire gatherings and darts events.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Management 

Project Duration

2023 – Present

Project Brief

After recently completing a website for The Pheasant Inn, Jordan and Rose who also run The Green Dragon asked whether Digidol could create an extra website. Happily obliging, we discussed what they would want from a website and made a list of key objectives.

The main reason The Green Dragon wanted a website was to promote its recently renovated backroom. Perfectly set up to host events and functions, the backroom is available for any kind of gatherings for friends and family, whilst also fully equipped to handle pub sports events and tournaments such as pool and darts.

With Welshpool having a quite limited choice of rooms or spaces to hire for a reasonable rate, Jord and Rose wanted a place to present all of its event hire information and to collect booking enquiries. So with this in mind, we set about creating a brand-new website from scratch for The Green Dragon.

Project Overview

The aesthetic and the colour of The Green Dragon website were inspired by the style of the newly refurbished backroom. Matching the dark green design and well-lit decor was a key consideration throughout using a dark green with a gold accent. To make this colour scheme standout, it was placed on top of dark background colours and images to maximise the effect.

As the website was aimed at promoting events and increasing bookings, the events page was the most important to drive traffic and to encourage users to convert via submitting a contact form.

To do this, we looked to maximise the amount of keyword-targeted content for high-ranking keywords in the area. Including outlining all of the important information that potential event bookers may want, we also added a selection of frequently asked questions to the page. These answered common questions that potential clients may have, whilst also providing the opportunity to greatly increase the word count to improve search engine optimisation.

We also focused on streamlining the rest of the website to subtly encourage users towards the conversion page. This was done through the inclusion of ‘Events’ sections on each page that helped to guide users already on the website towards the events page. Although it may seem redundant to users not looking to host an event or function in Welshpool, this will be effective as passively marketing the event hire at The Green Dragon.

By subconsciously making users aware of the availability of the back room for event hire, the next time they are looking for a venue to host a family gathering or event in Welshpool they will consider The Green Dragon.

Project Review

Creating this website from scratch with its strong existing colour scheme and with an aesthetic that matches the newly refurbished backroom was an exciting challenge. The deep green and black background provides a level of sophistication and style, whilst the gold accents and white text provide a great contrast to make content and sections really pop out.

The next step for us is to now monitor the traffic for the events page and the conversion rates, making any necessary fine-tuning to maximise both figures. Looking for any opportunities to improve SEO such as link building or extra keyword-targeted content opportunities.

To go alongside the management of the new website, we are now working closely with The Green Dragon Welshpool and The Pheasant Welshpool to help improve their social media presence.

Check out the Green Dragon Inn Welshpool site:

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