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Icon Engraving offers laser engraving services including Industrial Engraving and Signage, Yetis and Eskis, Defense Asset Tagging, Cable Tags and Custom Engravings to businesses and individuals in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Project Duration

2023 – Present

Project Brief

A new business within the Renko Group, Icon Engraving offers industrial and commercial laser engraving services to businesses and individuals in the Northern Territory of Australia. A start-up from within, the business began as an extension of services offered by other businesses in the Renko Group before expanding into an individual entity.

This steady stream of work allowed Icon Engraving to accelerate through the start-up phase and provided it with all of the necessary operations in place to expand exponentially by seeking new clients and contracts outside of the Renko Group.

To do this Icon requested the assistance of Digidol to help create a strong online presence that carefully targets the key industries that typically seek laser engraving services.

Project Overview

Although Icon Engraving is a part of the Renko Group, the owner wanted it to have its own identity and branding to set it apart. Happy with the previous website designs created by Digidol, I was given free rein to create a new site with the only requests being that the site was modern in style and captured the full capabilities of the business.

The owner only wanted a simple one-page site to begin, with plans to expand the site in the future if required to compete with other local and national laser engraving businesses.

When it came to the design, I opted for a modern tile block layout with big images that demonstrated the varying products, materials and customisations that were available to be laser engraved with custom designs.

This style also allowed for important sections of the page to stand out against the white background with a minimalist effect that did not overload the reader with information.

As the site was on a new domain, we looked at different link-building opportunities to begin creating a strong backlink structure to support the on-page SEO of the site. This included sharing links with other partner businesses, joining local and national directories and seeking opportunities to feature on popular industry sites.

Project Review

The Icon Engraving project is ongoing with Digidol and the owner always seeking new link-building opportunities and any SEO optimisations. As the business grows and expands on its offerings with more products and materials available for custom laser engraving, the site will naturally expand into individual service pages and include a significant amount more unique keyword-targeted content.

Alongside the website expansion, Digidol is working to help Icon Engraving improve its local reputation online. Coming up with creative ways to entice clients to leave Icon Engraving a Google My Business review, presents an extra opportunity to rank organically without the need for expensive SEO techniques.

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