LMD Nutrition

LMD Nutrition is the side-business of Russel Broadhurst. He has clients across the United Kingdom to who he provides expert advice in order to optimise diets to achieve their goals.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Graphic Design

Project Duration

2020 – Present

Project Brief

LMD Nutrition already has a large following on Instagram and is becoming increasingly successful. Russell decided that it was time to get a website to divert all enquiries to one place and have key information readily available to potential clients.

It also provides a place for him to fully utilise the content he posts on social media by turning it into a regular blog to provide extra value to followers and clients.

The LMD Nutrition brand has been built using a two-tone approach (light green and white). The reason behind this is that LMD wanted to stand out from other fitness instructors and dietitians on the internet.

The branding reflects the simplicity of the service and how easy it is to change your diet and achieve real results. So, it was important to maintain the branding throughout the website and keep the two-tone colour scheme to be in-line with all the existing LMD Nutrition marketing and resources.

Website design of LMD Nutritions homepage by Digidol.
LMD Nutrition Website Programmes Section.

Project Overview

LMD Nutritions website built by Digidol an affordable digital marketing agency in Mid Wales.

As LMD Nutrition is run alongside Russell’s full-time job we worked around his schedule in order to get the website up and running in a short time period. We synced our calendars and made key milestone points for when Russell had a few days break from his main job. These clear deadlines allowed us to plan ahead and get all the information and content off Russell prior to completing each section of the website. This made the build of the website quick and efficient without the need to continually message Russell who is busy with his full-time occupation and servicing his clients.

We also regularly referred to the existing digital presence of LMD Nutrition, using their Instagram to ensure that we were maintaining the existing branding. The fact that Russell has put so much effort into building the brand and regular posts with a great variety, helped us understand the vision he had for the LMD Nutrition aesthetic.

LMD Nutritions website built by Digidol an affordable digital marketing agency in Mid Wales.

Project Review

The two-tone limit made building this website an exciting prospect. Limiting the use of different colours can make building a website difficult. However, the natural contrast of the green and white used in LMD Nutrition’s branding with the addition of some slightly different colours for calls to action has worked really effectively.

We also created a range of great graphics that reflected the LMD Nutrition brand and provided flashes of colour to the website. The quality of these graphics really impressed Russell and after seeing them on the website he has now asked Digidol to provide a revamp to all of his current LMD resources with a similar style.

At Digidol, we are really proud of how the LMD Nutrition website has turned out and are already helping Russell create a management system in order to keep on top of the increased number of inquires from potential clients.

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