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Nomadic Washrooms offer the hire of shepherd hut style toilets and washrooms across the United Kingdom. Based in Mid Wales, their flock of unique and stylish units are fully mobile and available for weddings, festivals, glamping trips, corporate retreats and any other type of event.

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Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

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2021 – Present

Blog section of the Nomadic Washroom website created by Digidol.
Nomadic Washrooms Website Shepherd Hut Toilet Comparison.

Project Brief

Kate and Stu Richards came to Digidol with only one problem: exposure. Their luxury shepherd hut toilets and washrooms for hire are unique, and there are no other services even remotely similar in their industry. All of the feedback they have received was positive and so many guests at events commented on how they wish they knew about them earlier. The high-quality design of the shepherd huts meant that the product basically sold itself, their issue was simply getting more potential clients eyes on what they have to offer.

They had built their own website using Wix and it was doing an okay job at generating leads, but as the business was growing they wanted a professional website to back-up their professional service. So, they contacted several local digital marketing agencies in order to enquire about what was the best way to exponentially grow their exposure and get their huts in front of more potential clients.

After contacting Digidol, I completed a free 1-hour consultation for them which included a document analysing Nomadic Washrooms existing digital presence, and a Zoom call to discuss what they were looking for. The business model for Nomadic Washrooms is so unique and seeing the hard work and dedication from both kate and Stu behind the scenes made it a really exciting project to work with them to help build their digital presence. Thankfully, we all clicked really well and following the video call, I sent a project proposal and we began work on building the new website the next week.

Project Overview

Nomadic Washrooms Service Page Displayed on Tablet.
Nomadic Washrooms Service Page Displayed on Tablet.

The professional images that Nomadic Washrooms already had and the attractiveness of the huts themselves made the website build relatively easy in some aspects – as we mentioned earlier, the huts sell themselves. However, I tried to be subtle with the use of imagery for two main reasons. Firstly, I wanted to keep the page load speed time as low as possible which is vital for SEO and also user experience; and secondly, to provide the website with a level of elegancy and intrigue in order to increase the level of enquiry conversion.

Another key focus for the website was the level of content on their service pages. Their existing website only included key bullet points about each unit which meant that the word count of these pages rarely exceeded 100 words. To replace these pages, I created a new service page design and broke the content into easy to read sections which amounted to a much larger overall word count per page.

All of this content was SEO optimised and targeted keywords relevant to their industry such as ‘luxury toilets for hire’. To counteract the length of these pages, I included two call to actions on the page, one after the basic introduction and at the bottom of the page after the more detailed information for each washroom or toilet unit.

The rest of the website was built after this and used a combination of the style used on their existing website, Nomadic Washrooms branding and a few fresh ideas. I wanted to capture the friendliness of Kate and Stu as the owners behind Nomadic Washrooms and the passion they have for this business. This personal touch can be seen throughout the website including the homepage, blog and gallery.

Nomadic Washrooms Service Page Displayed on Tablet.

Project Review

Due to lockdown and the lack of events currently going ahead, Kate and Stu were looking to get a new website up and in front of new clients for bookings from Summer 2021 onwards. Their enthusiasm was infectious and as clients, they could not have been more helpful from quick turnarounds when proofreading content to preparing and sending me all of Nomadic Washroms media bank at the beginning of the project.

This was possibly the fastest turnaround for Digidol, with the time from consultation to website launch taking only 28 days! Communication is key when trying to complete a website in a short period of time, so we arranged weekly Zoom calls together which were really efficient. In these calls, I would present Kate and Stu with the progress of the website and we would brainstorm ideas for different sections or pages and also sign off on completed pages. This allowed us to keep to the project plan I created and resulted in a three-day quiet launch before we did a loud launch on Valentine’s day.

We are now planning the next steps of Nomadic Washrooms digital marketing strategy in order to keep exponentially growing their exposure and increase their enquiry conversion rate.

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