Orbvans Van Conversion Kits

Orbvans designs and manufactures sustainable van conversion units, offering an affordable solution that is both practical and versatile.

Project Type

Digital Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation

Project Duration

2021 – Present

Project Brief

Recommended to Digidol by a close friend, Richard from OrbVans was after some basic digital marketing consultancy to help boost their digital presence. After launching an e-commerce website in late 2021, Orbvans began to attract attention and sales through positive word of mouth and general social media marketing of its products.

Opting for Digidol’s free consultation offer, Orbvans received a full digital marketing analysis and report of their current performance, along with a call to discuss what Richard could do himself to help improve the visibility of the site online.

Touching base every 3-6 months, Digidol and Orbvans would have a quick catch-up to discuss the progress of the existing campaign and to brainstorm more ideas to keep growing the website and conversions.

At the beginning of 2024, Orbvans got in touch again with Digidol as it set out to launch its best and most customisable van conversion unit to date. Looking to maximise the exposure and reach of the new product launch, Richard wanted to work together with Digidol to create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

Always amazed by the intelligent design and incredible units that Orbvans designs and produces, I couldn’t wait to help promote the latest innovation that will completely transform the simplicity of providing the opportunity to temporarily convert vans into campervans across the UK, potentially Europe and Worldwide.

Project Overview

The most important thing with this project for Orbvans was to come up with a clear digital marketing strategy that targeted the correct demographics, keyword searches and maximised the continuous exposure of the new van conversion product.

So we began at the top and analysed the existing strategy looking for any potential areas for improvement before exploring additional opportunities to reach new audiences. One of the key parts of the second section of this included analysing competitors’ performance and identifying their position in the market and digital performance.

This not only helped us see what strategies were working but also provided invaluable insight into how the specific niche works and where was best to focus the digital marketing strategy. Utilising this information, we could ensure that we spent time working on the areas that will produce the best return on investment and ensure that the campaign is as efficient as possible.

Although the initial focus of this digital marketing strategy is the product launch and promotion, it was important to make sure that it fits in with the long-term strategy for Orbvans. A key aspect was building up the backlink profile and value attributed to the Orbvans domain. Consistently building high-value backlinks and referring domains to the Orbvans website will provide a major trust signal to Google and search engines of Orbvans’ authority in the niche and improve Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Project Review

As the digital marketing strategy for Orbvans is an ongoing project, the results are continuously analysed, searching for more opportunities to optimise the ongoing and long-term strategy. The overall goal is obvious, to increase conversions and the overall bottom line of the business. This is the easiest result to track and benchmark.

However, we are also tracking a wide range of extra outputs that can help us measure overall reach and impressions, brand visibility and more, to create a holistic understanding of the strategy’s performance.

A great client to work with due to Richard’s infectious energy and passion for creating a sustainable, removable and customisable van conversion kit, I am excited for this partnership to continue long into the future.

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