Panpwnton Farm Campsite

Panpwnton Campsite is a family-run farm & campsite situated on the Offa’s Dyke footpath. Ideally located for those who like to walk, cycle or just take in the peaceful countryside.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation 

Project Duration

2023 – Present

Project Brief

Looking for an alternative way to organise bookings for their campsite on the Wales and England border, Panpwnton Campsite got in touch with Digidol in early 2023. Their goal was to centralise a direct booking system that provided them with more control and also reduced the amount of commission they were paying out on each transaction to third-party organisations.

Opting for Digidol’s Free 1-Hour Consultation, I put together an overall analysis of Panpwnton Campsite’s current digital presence with a competitor comparison. The consultation also included an analysis, overview and evaluation of several different website booking systems available for campsites to allow Panpwnton to make an informed decision.

Finalised with a video call to ‘digitally’ meet Will and Roxy for the first time, we discussed a website proposal and agreed on a plan to create a brand new Panpwnton Campsite with an integrated booking system.

Project Overview

Already with an idea in mind for the website design, Roxy and Will sent over several website designs where they liked the look and structure. They wanted a strong left sidebar menu with simple navigation on every page. This makes the website user-friendly which is especially important with the varying age range that they get staying at the campsite.

Alongside the sidebar, a boxed layout neatly organised content and all of Panpwnton’s extensive selection of high-quality imagery. This added colour and style to the page, whilst showing off the natural beauty of Panpwnton’s Farm and Campsite.

The booking system we chose for the new website was WP Booking System. In comparison to other popular booking systems, the customisation of this option was great, whilst the price was much more affordable and had no commission fees.

WP Booking System also includes an easy setup to integrate with Stripe which Panpwnton Campsite was already using to handle payments. This meant that as soon as the website launched, all Roxy and Will needed to do was understand how to operate the backend of the booking system.

As the majority of Panpwnton Campsites bookings come from a third party, and with most campers and caravaners using these methods to book, we explored different ways in which we could drive traffic to the website.

Focusing on keyword research, we decided to create four different content pages that targeted more generic keywords to the local area and activities. These included ‘Walking and Cycling Routes’, ‘Things To Eat In Knighton’, ‘Things To Do In Knighton’ and ‘Things To Do On The Border’. By creating these extra content pages, the website should rank higher for various search terms and increase the amount of traffic to the site.

Project Review

Now up and running, just days after the launch of the new website, Panpwnton Campsite received its first booking direct online booking. A great first step, we are hoping to build on this to make Panpwnton’s website their primary source of bookings.

Looking to the future, Will and Roxy have many exciting plans to keep growing Panpwnton Campsite. Now in partnership with Digidol, I am excited to be a part of their journey, already creating plans for developing the website in the future.

Check out the Panpwnton Campsite website:

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