The Pheasant Inn Welshpool

The Pheasant Inn Welshpool is a family-run pub on Welshpool High Street. Located in a Grade II listed building, the public house has been serving the patrons of Welshpool as far back as 1881.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation 

Project Duration

2022 – Present

Project Brief

Rosina and Jordan at The Pheasant Inn have close ties with Digidol, both being Welshpool-based businesses. From both a personal relationship built through visiting the pub to test out the drinks, to even putting in a few shifts behind the bar. As with all good stories, the discussion of improving their digital presence through the creation of a website and management of their social media channels began over a pint.

Never really having a proper website, Rose and Jordan wanted to have more of an online presence that shows off the incredible work they have put into transforming the pub since they took over in 2012. Still maintaining the traditional structure and friendly atmosphere of a pub that everyone loves, Rose has worked hard to modernise the pub and bring new life into this historic building.

Now looking to expand their audience and attract both more local patrons and tourists to drop in for a drink, the project brief was fairly simple – ‘Make us look good’.

Project Overview

From the start, the aim of the Pheasant Inn Welshpool website was to demonstrate the new life and style of the pub now, whilst also noting the great history that comes along with this business. To do this effectively, it was decided to make a modern minimalistic style website that played on images and clear text, whilst ensuring that the history of the pub was well noted, doing so with a stylish timeline of key events on the homepage.

Once the design style was decided, Digidol looked at what keywords relating to bars and pubs were regularly searched in Welshpool, comparing these to The Pheasant’s unique selling points and offerings. From this, it was decided that the website should look to promote what drinks are on offer, live sports, the outdoor seating area, and the events they host.

After identifying these four key selling points and making them as blocks on the homepage to stand out. At Digidol, we went a step further with the ‘Drinks Menu’ and ‘Events’ to make individual pages. This was due to the wide range of drinks that the Pheasant Inn offered, providing potential visitors a chance to see what tipples they may fancy before they arrive. In addition to giving the Pheasant Inn Welshpool a chance to promote its unique events and party nights to a wider audience.

Project Review

The Pheasant Inn website was a fun build, with a free reign on design and style. Doing something completely different from all Digidol’s other sites, the slim page-only menu loses a small part of the pubs’ identity with no logo inclusion; however, as the pub logo is not widely used or recognised, this was a fair trade in order to achieve the modern-look desired.

The history timeline was also a first for Digidol, and we are thrilled with the result. From researching the history of the pub and the building to creating a sleek module to show it off, it was important to us and the Pheasant that the tradition and the history of the pub were documented on the website.

Another part of the site we loved making at Digidol was the ‘Events’ page. Simple yet stylish, and using content and graphics that can be used across the Pheasant Inn’s social media channels, this will be regularly updated to promote the latest and best nights out Welshpool has to offer.

Check out the Pheasant Inn Welshpool site:

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