Renko Group

The Renko Group is a unique small business accelerator and start-up incubator that specialises in organisations in the supply chain management and construction industries in Australia.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Project Duration

2023 – Present

Project Brief

The uniqueness of the Renko Group and the scalability that came with being a partner is what made joining such an exciting project for Digidol. Working within a professional environment surrounded by other entrepreneurs and business managers was an unmissable opportunity, having worked remotely and independently for so long.

The first role of the new partnership was to create a new website for the Renko Group that helped market its offering and build a professional profile. In addition to reaching new potential audiences, Sam the founder, wanted a professional resource to which he could refer potential clients and business partners.

As Renko offering start-up incubation and small business accelerator services within the supply chain and construction is possibly a first, Sam found that it was difficult to explain how the process works to existing professionals within the industry. The main objective of a new website was to help simplify Renko’s offering, creating an easy-to-understand resource for potentially interested industry professionals.

In addition, a new site would also allow the Renko Group brand to create a digital presence, to reach more experts in the industry who may be interested in starting their own business.

Project Overview

The core focus of the Renko website was to be informational and clearly explain the concept and workings of start-up incubation and small business acceleration within the Renko Group.

For this reason, we decided to design the site slightly differently from our normal process, by beginning with creating the content and then creating a design to fit. This allowed us to solely focus on writing high-quality and clear content for the site without the distraction of trying to alter or condense sections to fit within a design style.

Starting with the Renko start-up incubator, we created a 5-stage timeline, highlighting the benefits for both the start-up and for Renko during each stage. The idea was to be as transparent as possible to help a potential business partner understand the mutual benefits throughout the process.

Next, we wrote the content for the small business accelerator. As this target audience is existing small businesses, the content had to be more broad, accounting for the variety that every small business brings.

To approach this section, we decided that a more formal approach explaining all of the resources available within Renko was more appropriate. For consistency and further transparency, we again included the benefits of each section for both Renko and the small business, this again was to give a comprehensive overview of how the process worked.

After the content was completed, I started the website design. Renko already had strong colours in green, black and white so the website house style naturally fit within the brand.

As the site’s purpose was to be informative, for the core pages we opted against using high-quality graphics that draw the user’s attention. We wanted users to read the content and understand the services, so instead we used coloured icons to split the page design up without pulling the attention of users away from the content.

The only pages we have included imagery on are the ‘Partner’ pages, where we show off each business within the Renko Group. Each page uses its own brand’s colours and provides a nice contrast to the core pages of the Renko site. These pages are good for the promotion of businesses within the group and for demonstrating the success that can be achieved in both Renko’s start-up incubator and small business accelerator.

Project Review

As part of the Renko Group partnership with Digidol, we are continuously working with all of the businesses within the group to keep exponentially growing each digital presence of every business. Furthering the mutual benefits of being within the Renko Group, we are helping expand each business’s individual digital presence through interlinking to boost all website’s backend health and structure.

For the Renko site, the plan is to keep analysing and refining the content to reach optimal simplicity for industry experts and entrepreneurs to understand how the Renko Group operates. In addition, by further expanding Renko’s digital presence, we are hoping to open up many new opportunities and partnerships to help Renko’s future expansion plan.

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