Select Industrial

Select Industrial offers comprehensive projects and turnkey solutions for several major industries across North Australia. Services include industrial projects, industrial services, automation, process control and labour hire.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Project Duration

2023 – Present

Project Brief

Select Industrial exists within the Renko Group, which utilises Digidol’s marketing services to assist in elevating the online and offline profile of all businesses within the group. As a sister company to Select Switchboards, Select Industrial provide on-site industrial services such as Electrical Installations, Breakdown and fault Finding, Testing and commissioning, Maintenance and servicing, Instrumentation and Hazardous Area Works.

Although each business is an individual entity, the collaboration and consistency in the high-quality outputs across both organisations have created a strong offline reputation with many Select Switchboard clients, also using Select Industrial’s services.

In addition to sharing strengths, the businesses shared the same areas for opportunity. Like Select Switchboards, Select Industrial was beginning to submit for large tenders offered out by the Australian government and private organisations.

Select Industrial was also actively recruiting skilled professionals to join the ever-growing team. Without a website or consistent online presence, Sam the founder, felt that the traditional avenues used for recruiting were ineffective when it came to getting the right professionals to apply for the vacant roles.

For this, Select Industrial would need an online presence that reflected the outstanding offline reputation that already existed, in the form of a professional and informative website.

Project Overview

Due to the existing connection between Select Industrial and Select Switchboards, and the matching core branding of the businesses, Sam requested that the websites be similar in design and functionality. This helped to reinforce the strong offline relationship between the two organisations and also continue to enhance the Select brand mutually.

This made the structural aspect of the website design reasonably straightforward, allowing me to create a template theme from the Select Switchboards website and repurpose it for the Select Industrial site. Maintaining the same characteristics of being clean in style, easy to navigate, and simple to read; the main distinguishing feature between the sites was the change in brand colours, replacing the Select Switchboards yellow with the Select Industrial grey.

The content structure of pages also varied with the different services on offer. This allowed the sites to be easily distinguishable from each other within the individual page design, yet within the same brand template. We also ensured there was a limited crossover in the high-quality imagery we used, creating an individual identity for each site.

When it came to the backend structure of the site and SEO, the limited competition in the area and the fact that the site was new meant that we opted for a content-based SEO strategy, to begin with the addition of a base level of link building.

Project Review

Made live in September 2023, the Select Industrial website was the second-largest website created from scratch by Digidol. Including 18 pages of high-quality SEO-targeted content, the site launch was delivered before the project deadline and was a great success. The inclusion of high-quality organic content allowed the site to naturally rank with Google almost immediately, showcasing Select Industrial’s services to a new online audience.

Moving forward, Digidol and Select Industrial already have plans in place to further expand the website, as well as Select Industrials’ online reputation and presence.

Check out the Select Industrial site:

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