Abermule Inn

The Abermule Inn is a family-run restaurant and pub located in the village of Abermule, between Newtown and Welshpool. Serving high-quality local food, freshly prepared to order, it is a favourite of locals and tourists alike.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation 

Project Duration

2022 – Present

Project Brief

Jake and Amye from The Abermule Inn first got in touch with Digidol in late 2022. At this point, they had been managing Abermule’s only village pub and restaurant for just over two years. Completing a lot of renovation work to the building and adding their own personal touch to the business operations; The Abermule Inn is now a popular pub for the locals and a highly rated restaurant across Mid Wales.

Happy with the positive progress the business is making offline, Jake and Amye wanted a website to improve their presence online and promote everything that The Abermule Inn has to offer.

Project Overview

The project brief was straightforward. Whilst discussing what Jake and Amye wanted from a new website in Digidol’s Free 1-Hour Consultation, three key objectives were set out.

The first objective was to have permanent menus displayed online. Typically pinning the current seasonal menu to their Facebook or Google My Business page, it was easy for regular restaurant visitors and potential new visitors to accidentally find older menus, causing confusion. A new website with a clearly displayed set of menus, including the days and times of serving, will prevent confusion, and also entice new and existing clients into the restaurant.

Now searching for new and exciting opportunities for the future of The Abermule Inn, Jake and Amye are exploring all options. Hosting a now annual summer festival called ‘Mulefest’, which is already extremely popular, as well as themed nights in the restaurant. The second goal of the website was to help promote each new venture to a wider audience, and provide more information to guests via links from social media posts.

Digidol was provided with free reign of the structural design of the website after we discussed what designs Jake and Amye liked in the consultation stage. We also agreed that it would be best to use a black-and-white colour scheme for the website to match the existing branding and promotional materials.

This made for a fun design challenge for Digidol. The Abermule Inn already had a great selection of media available, with enticing images of food and the quaint aesthetic of the pub providing an opportunity to add a splash of colour as a stark contrast to the black and white backgrounds. Breaking up blocks of white and black backgrounds; the images also draw attention and show off the delicious-looking food available and the amazing new design of the premises.

For the menus, it was decided to use a white sheet background with black text to make each choice stand out and match the actual in-house menus used. Although typically longer than most restaurant menu pages, we agreed that this layout worked best. Dropdowns or tab menus can be difficult to navigate and confusing for users. This simple scroll through clearly presents all the menu information and has clean breaks between each of the courses.

Project Review

Looking to the future, we are excited to keep working regularly to update The Abermule Inn’s website. Including updating the seasonal menus, helping to market new events, and advertising amazing promotions to keep clients coming through the door.

We also have created several new strategies to improve online reviews, with a focus on Google My Business and TripAdvisor to boost the overall digital presence of The Abermule Inn.

Even in the early months after launch, the website is already getting a steady flow of visitors and inquiries. A great base level to start from, we are working with Jake and Amye to keep improving the websites SEO and online presence.  

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