The Black Lion Llanrhystud

The Black Lion is a family-run restaurant and public house in Llanrhystud on the coast of West Wales. Offering home-cooked, locally sourced food, drinks and also a newly built function room space for events.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation 

Project Duration

2024 – Present

Project Brief

Ray O’Dwyer, the owner of The Black Lion Llanrhystud, got in contact with Digidol on the recommendation of Alan Davies, their Dojo representative. Digidol’s partnership with Alan has facilitated the increased promotion of several different Wales-based businesses, helping to increase table booking conversions.

Due to the location of Llanrhystud, 9 miles south of Aberystwyth, and 7 miles north of Aberaeron, it is a popular stop-off for tourists visiting or passing via Wales’ beautiful west coast. It is also a favourite for hikers and ramblers as a stop-off along the Wales coastal path.

For this reason, Ray wanted to expand The Black Lion’s online presence, to draw in this foot and road traffic, tempting them to enjoy their home-cooked healthy portions of traditional pub food.

Working with Alan to create the Dojo table booking system, Alan suggested a website to help maximise the reach of the visiting and passing-by audience. This would allow potential visitors to browse the menus and specials before directing them to the new table booking system.

In addition, The Black Lion Llanrhystud has recently completed the addition of a new function room space for events at the rear of the building. This presented another opportunity to help promote the new space and provide a place to present potential inquirers with all important information.

Project Overview

The Black Lion is a busy, family-run business with the assistance of close friends and locals, Ray wished for Digidol to take full control of the design and creative process for the website. Providing all of the content needed for the site to be built in advance.

Due to the nature of the target audience, largely visitors passing through, the most important aspect was for the website to be easy to navigate. Promoting the different menus available and directing visitors to book a table would allow travellers who may be making quick decisions whilst on the road or foot to easily access the information they need and book a table.

With all of this in mind, I opted for a modern look using black (as per The Black Lion name) to make a design that was simple, yet made certain features stand out. This was done by being minimalistic with content and using high-quality images to help sell the restaurant side of the business.

This simple layout style is reflected within the menu pages. Combining the black with whites to provide clear contrasts between the different parts of the menu. I also added a quick navigation section after the page introduction to further improve user experience.

For the About Us page, it was decided to mix up the website design style slightly to help show the personality of the business and present its unique selling points. This alternative style was also used on the Function Room Hire page, to display the key information in a clear and easy-to-digest way.

Project Review

As the business has been doing since Ray took over the role of landlord in 2009, and purchasing in 2020, there are big plans to keep expanding the offering of The Black Lion. A key feature of the Llanrhystud community, the passion and dedication shown by the family to keep developing the business is beyond infectious and it has been a pleasure to be a part of the journey.

Planning for the future, Digidol is excited to continue working closely with The Black Lion Llanrrhystud to improve its overall digital presence. Setting up key performance indicators and targets for traffic, table booking conversions and function room hire inquiries to help the business continually grow.

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