The Fire Tones

Project Introduction

The Fire Tones are a group of Fire Service Personnel from fire stations around the UK who came together in 2018 to release a charity Christmas song in aid of The Firefighters Charity and The Band Aid Charity Trust. 

Project Type

Social Media Management

Marketing Consultancy

Project Duration

2018 – Present

Project Brief

If you ask Chris Birdsell (Founder of The Fire Tones) what the brief was, I can guarantee his response will be ‘to raise as much money for The Firefighters Charity and The Band Aid Trust’. If you asked him a few more times you might just get the response ‘to get the Christmas Number 1 spot’.

For me, that was more than enough to get involved. The challenge, variety, end result and the overall success of the project made this one of the best projects I’ve worked on.

Project Overview

The initial 3 months of The Fire Tones project was manic to say the least. I joined the team after the single was recorded and was asked to run the social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This soon expanded to assisting in consulting on all aspects of marketing from helping book TV slots to Press Releases to local and national newspapers.

We looked at creating engaging social media campaigns across different platforms in order to engage the biggest audience possible. Examples of these included User Generated Content (UGC) techniques such as the use of ‘Siren The Bear’, collaboration with celebrities and influencers in addition to competitions. In short, we managed to get over 2 million interactions on Facebook alone and now have an engaged audience that we continue to work with.

The more involved I became with the project the more general marketing consultancy I was involved in. From creating media packs for the participating Fire Service Personnel, liaising with media outlets and the organisation of outlets to sell the CD’s. 

Project Review

The final results of the initial Fire Tones project was more than enough payment for all of the volunteers involved. Below is an overview of the figures from the ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas? (Feed The World)’ campaign. It should be noted that the money raised figure is still rising. This is due to The Fire Tones no longer having any overheads left and the continuation of digital downloads and streams each Christmas providing continued incomes towards the charities.

Selling single

'£' Raised for charity

Million Interactions

Youtube Views

Moving forward we still work closely with The Fire Tones on a voluntary basis. Providing marketing consultancy on any new projects and the continuation of running social media platforms. The latest project is currently ongoing and at Digidol we are excited to see it launch soon.

The Fire tones GLOSSARY

Helping The Fire Tones was a really unique experience. One minute I was in Tesco helping to sell CD’s, next minute I was on the phone to Sky News sorting out a TV slot. Here are some of my favourite pictures from the campaign.

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