The Long Mountain Flower Company

The Long Mountain Flower Company are local florists that grow, arrange and sell British flowers on their flower farm on The Long Mountain in Mid Wales. They also offer florist workshops, farm visits and unique floral creations.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Project Duration

2024 – Present

Project Brief

Kathy and Hazel are two lifelong friends with a shared love of flowers that led to the creation of The Long Mountain Flower Company in 2022. After their launch, they started to create their own website using Squarespace.

However, with the continuous growth of the business and the craziness that comes with running a start-up, they simply didn’t have the time to complete the site.

They got in touch in Spring 2024 explaining the situation and requested a free digital marketing consultation from Digidol.

Providing me with access to the site they began building, I created a detailed report including my professional recommendations of what should be included in a new website build. I also explored their overall digital presence and outlined what other off-site things could be done to improve their digital presence.

The Long Mountain Flower Company’s Needs

As a follow-up to discuss the digital marketing consultation report, we arranged a video call to ‘virtually’ meet.

One of my favourite parts of the job, I could instantly see the passion they had for flowers and also their unbreakable bond from a lifelong friendship.

We talked through both the short-term and long-term goals of The Long Mountain Flower Company and how Digidol could help to facilitate sustainable growth.

Already very active on social media with a loyal following, they wanted a website as somewhere to direct their existing audience and to attract a new audience.

For them, it was important to have a permanent place to showcase their wide range of floral creations, varying services and unique one-off designs.

This allows potential clients and existing clients to explore their floral capabilities at their leisure, rather than have to trawl through old social media posts.

Project Overview

A very hands-on website build, I worked closely with The Long Mountain Flower Company team throughout to create their dream website.

Website Structure & Services

As creative florists, Kathy and Hazel wanted the website design to reflect the natural flowers they grow – unique, bright, and beautiful.

To ensure I captured their vision, we discussed a selection of existing floristry websites to identify what styles and sections they liked, and also what they didn’t like. This helped to shape the initial website structure and design with the vision they had for their new website.

Next, we discussed and outlined all of the services they offer, what makes them unique, and what are the key services that they want to promote.

We then used this information, to create their ideal website structure, ensuring that it included all of the different services they provided in a format that promoted their most searched-for and popular services first.

Eye-Catching Imagery & Designs

The beauty of creating a floristry website is the abundance of colourful and eye-catching media that already exists – which makes my job 1000 times easier. The Long Mountain Flower Company had an incredibly organised cloud storage of all of the different floral creations, workshops and farm visits.

This allowed me to play around with several different page design ideas and experiment with images of different shapes and sizes.

As Hazel and Kathy are the personalities behind The Long Mountain Flower Company, we continuously worked together as a team to finalise design styles and image placements. These regular check-in meetings allowed us to keep on track with the project timeline, signing off pages as ready for launch as we went along.

Floristry Portfolio

Initially, a portfolio wasn’t part of our plan. However, as the photography bank grew from more Summer wedding florals, it made sense to create one.

The purpose was simple, to showcase all of the wonderful floral creations handcrafted by The Long Mountain Flower Company in one place. This included separate sections for weddings, workshops and corporates, with more planned for the future.

In addition to the obvious benefit of having a permanent home to display their unique work, the individual portfolio pieces also doubled up as an extra value-adding service for wedding floral clients and workshop attendees to share with friends and family

Project Review

One of my favourite new website projects that I have completed, becoming a part of The Long Mountain Flower Company team was a real honour.

Experiencing Kathy and Hazel’s journey of turning their passion for flowers into a sustainable business – was a reminder to me of why I almost exclusively work with small businesses and start-ups.

Since launching the website, all of the feedback has been incredibly positive and we already have several exciting plans in the pipeline in the future.

In the short term, we are working together to build up the backlink profile and optimise the content to improve ranking positions in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Alongside collating a number of new floristry projects to keep expanding the portfolio and create easy social media posts to direct their large social media following to browse the website.

Check out The Long Mountain Flower Company website:

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