The Prized Pig

The Prized Pig is a family-run butchery, baconry, and event caterer, based in Abermule, Mid Wales. Now delivering UK-wide, they also offer free collection from Montgomery markets on a Thursday morning.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation 

Project Duration

2023 – Present

Project Brief

As part of Digidol’s latest initiative to help small businesses and start-ups maximise their digital presence, we choose one small business nominated to us a month, for a full 3-hour digital marketing consultation. Recommended by several of their loyal clients, we got in touch with The Prized Pig.

Just from looking through their socials, the passion and motivation to make The Prized Pig a success was clearly evident. Bec was regularly posting high-quality content on social media, and building a strong brand that highlighted the business’s core values and unique selling points; whilst Matt was busy in the butchers, at the market, or at events on their new catering stand.

In Digidol’s free consultation, we discussed The Prized Pig’s future plans, providing our professional advice on what they can do digitally to improve their presence and help them on their start-up journey. Including a selection of social media tips and ideas to continue their amazing posts, how they can improve their visibility on Google, and everything in between.

When we got on to the subject of a website, it was something that Matt and Bec had planned for The Prized Pig, but the hectic life of starting a business and having three young children to look after had gotten in the way. After a short conversation about what they wanted from a website, at Digidol we put together a proposal, and the result is what you now see.

Project Overview

As mentioned, The Prized Pig was already building a strong brand, with a dark blue, gold, and white colour scheme across their socials and promotional materials.

To be in keeping with the brand, we matched these colours throughout the website. It was decided to switch the base background colour to white, rather than dark blue, to make the website less visually bulky, whilst also drawing attention to important sections of the website by using the dark blue background in sections.

They also had a strong title font in ‘Amsterdam Two’ that made their logo and product stand out. This was used in headers and then matched with ‘Cairo’ for the text sections throughout the website making it easy to read for users.

The main purpose of a new website for The Prized Pig was to promote their regular locally-sourced meat products and their event catering and hog roast services. Due to the current size of the business, and the nature of the butchery market, it was decided against an e-commerce function for the website to begin. However, we did decide to create an e-commerce style design with individual product listings that could be converted into an e-commerce website easily in the future if the traffic and demand made it a viable and worthwhile option.

It was also important that the website continued to build on The Prized Pig’s growing brand. Their unique selling points of; sourcing all produce within 15 miles, using high-welfare rearing methods, and being eco-conscious are explained in detail on the ‘Our Farms’ and ‘Our Story’ pages. We also carefully positioned these core values throughout the website to help promote these values and help continue to build these into The Prized Pigs branding.

Project Review

At Digidol, we love working with passionate small businesses and that is what has made building The Prized Pig website so much fun. You can see and feel the drive behind making The Prized Pig a success in both Matt and Bec, and we felt part of the team instantly. Add to this a strong existing brand and a willingness to provide continuous feedback and content or media, we can only thank Matt and Bec at The Prized Pig for their commitment and hard work that has allowed us to create a complete website with nearly 50 pages from scratch in just two weeks.

In the future, we have already planned the future for The Prized Pig’s website, which actually includes a collaboration with another Digidol client in The Abermule Inn, so keep your eyes peeled.

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