UP Coaching

Up is a Pembrokeshire-based business consultancy agency. Their goal is to help organisations of all sizes and sectors make money by enabling organisational and people development and improvement.

Project Type

Website Design

Managed Hosting

Project Duration

2019 – Present

Project Brief

Dave from Up approached Digidol after a referral from a professional colleague. After taking advantage of the 1-Hour Free Consultation, we agreed that a professional website would be a great aid for Up in order to advertise their services and land clients. In addition, Up also opted for our Managed Hosting service and had the added extra of professional business emails.

Due to the business being based in Pembrokeshire, the whole process from concept to publishing was completed via phone calls, video calls and email communication.


Project Overview

The goal of this project was to create a corporate style website with a personalised feel. Dave from Up wanted the site to look professional to reflect their services, but also personal to reflect their character and personality. To do this we decided to build a corporate style template with a twist of adding more personalised images and content to get the personality behind Up to shine through.

At Digidol we now host the website on our servers, as well as provide any software updates needed. We also provide a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is more commonly recognised as a padlock in the URL bar in order to show that the website is secure. Finally, we have also created professional business emails for the staff for example ‘Dave.Jones@Up4Coaching.co.uk’, to help build the brands reputation.

Project Review

We continue to work with Up in order to improve the website on a regular basis. Currently we are organising training sessions with Dave the owner in order to allow him to make any changes or upload blog posts. We also are providing training on basic SEO techniques in order to help improve the sites ranking in search engines such as Google.

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