Westwood Park Hotel

The Westwood Park Hotel is a family-run public house and Bed & Breakfast based in Welshpool Mid Wales. They are the chosen local for many in the town and are particularly popular with bikers and walkers of the Offa Dyke trail.

Project Type

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Managed Hosting


Project Duration

2020 – Present

Project Brief

Richard and Diane got in touch with Digidol as they knew that the Westwood Park Hotel website needed a new lease of life. Their existing website had become dated over time, and although most of the information was correct, it didn’t provide a great user experience.

The most important thing for the new website was that it would be easy to use and reflect the friendly and warm atmosphere of the business. After visiting the business it was easy to understand what they meant, so we needed to reflect this on their new website.

They also wanted to attract more visitors to the bed & breakfast side of the business which was another exciting challenge for Digidol. Richard and Diane opted to take advantage of the ‘Digidol 1-Hour Free Consultation’ to get a full SEO audit of their website, which included several easily actionable tips.

Laptop with a screenshot of the new westwood park hotel website designed by Digidol.
Hotel room accommodation booking in Mid Wales at the Westwood Park hotel.

Project OVERview

We started the Westwood Park Hotel during the first lockdown and made good progress early on. Diane had a range of high-quality photos ready which made our job easy and the website build only took two weeks. As soon as the structure of the website was completed, we did a silent launch in order for Google to begin ranking our new content and help move up the rankings for important keywords.

The silent launch worked well as it provided us with accurate data on the growth in organic traffic and the keyword rankings of the new website. Instead of an exaggerated spike in traffic from social media promotion. The gradual increase in traffic came with an increased number of inquiries and allowed us to continually tweak our SEO strategies for the best results.

Unfortunately, the lockdown caused some problems due to the temporary closure of the business. However, the new website served as a great tool for keeping customers informed of what was going on with regard to opening times and new regulations. It also provided time for our new content to be crawled and ranked with Google, along with all of our other SEO work to take effect.

Project Review

Due to Richard and Dianne wanting the website to be simple to navigate and easy on the eye, it was a fun challenge to return to the basics of website design. There was obviously the extra challenge of lockdowns and the forced closing of the business to navigate around. However, it has provided us with a chance to really focus on optimising the website’s SEO for the long term and the results can already be seen with several inquiries coming via the website for bed & breakfast reservations post-lockdown.

At Digidol, we are excited to keep seeing the website traffic increase for The Westwood Park Hotel website along with many more inquiries. We are still working closely with The Westwood Park Hotel and hoping to help the business thrive post-lockdown.

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