So, you have a well-designed sleek website that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Now surely all you have to do now is prepare how you are going to deal with the hoards of new customers that are going to flood in? Unfortunately not, and the reason for this is because even the most perfect website is only good if people can find it.

That’s where Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it’s more commonly known, comes in. To put it simply, SEO is using a strategy of different methods and techniques to obtain higher rankings on search results pages and thus more traffic. It is estimated that the top 3 ranking websites on search engines receive more than 60% of traffic between them. 

In addition to this, on average only 10% of traffic clicks on to page 2. These figures start to show the bigger picture as to why it is important to have and operate an SEO strategy alongside your website.

SEO is not just a one time job and a lot of websites fall victim to this. If you look deep enough into search engine results pages (SERPs) there is a ghostland of websites that look good but have not been updated since their creation. Implementing a well-planned and sustainable SEO campaign can be relatively simple and ensure that you earn and maintain high-ranking search positions. The ultimate goal is to get your website found easily, which will lead to more traffic and ultimately more conversions from browsers into customers.

What we do…

All of the websites we design at Digidol come fully SEO optimised as standard. If you already have an existing website then we will start will a full analysis of your websites SEO performance. We look at each page on an individual basis as well as the site as a whole to look for possible issues and recommend improvements. These can include poorly built pages, poorly written content, lack of backlinks and much more.

Next, we will do a full competitor analysis. The purpose of this is to see what they are doing, where they rank and essentially what you need to do to out-rank them. Completing these steps is then what we use in order to create your tailored SEO campaign. This will include improvements to the current website, recommendations for ongoing updates and other techniques such as building your backlink profile.

We also incorporate social media into our SEO campaigns with the creation of shareable content that you can share with your following. As we mentioned, all of our SEO campaigns are bespoke to our client. This means they can be tailored to deliver the results you want and to your budget.

What you get…

From complete web design, content creation, keyword targetting, backlink building to Google MyBusiness optimisation we will do whatever you need to get your website ranking. SEO is not a complete science.

So we constantly monitor and analyse the performance, tweaking and fine-tuning the SEO campaign to maximise results. This monitoring goes alongside our monthly personalised reports we create, allowing you to see the results in real-time. The underlying goal is to increase your website’s visibility in search engines, allowing you to reach the potential customers you are missing out on.

Frequently asked questions

You may have come across search engine optimisation in business and have a few questions. To make it easier for you we have answered the most common questions we get about search engine optimisation.  

Can local businesses compete with large companies?

You might be thinking, but how can I compete with the likes of nationwide companies who spend thousands (and even millions) on their marketing and SEO campaigns? In honesty, on the majority of keywords without endless cash flow, you can’t. However, search engines such as Google have recently made changes to make it a more level playing field.

At Digidol we are experienced in ranking small businesses locally using a range of different SEO techniques. What’s even better about ranking your website using these methods is that you get high-quality location-specific users entering your site rather than general traffic.

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